Yesterday on the bus from the airport to downtown Ottawa I watched the sun set and it felt *further away*.

Today was the National Art Gallery which was big. I spent the morning (10:30-noontime) on the first floor, then had lunch in their sharp little caf, then strolled about the second floor. All the gallery workers ate lunch at noon. I was them. I had a BLT and a juice and it was cheap and good. For supper I had a hot dog: also good. I went home after the gallery (after a walk through Byward Market; after a walk through Chapters, too, and a mall) and had to lie down and rest my feet. So sore and tired. I napped then walked along Bank St. which is on the tourist map as a neato shopping district but it is kinda crummy. Then walked through Spark St. Open Air mall, which is similarily advertised and is actually neato. Then I bought a ticket to take this tour ! Then I ate aforementioned hotdog from a stand across from the Parliament Buildings. The tour was *rock on* because the bus turned into a boat. It was like my dream come true, let me tell you! I somehow managed to not get any brochures from the National Gallery so there’s no pictures of Renoir that I looked at and sighed and decided that I, too, can be a painted. Not are there any pictures of the 1300s-1800s paintings that make me think why should I even bother trying they are so fine. No pictures of the contemporary Don Judd, Richard Serra sculptures either. Or the guy with the big geometrical drawing that was huge but warm-feeling so that when I stepped close to it I just wanted it to wrap around me like a blanket. No pictures of any thing today because I forgot my camera in my room! Twice. I’m going to remember it tomorrow because I’m going to put it in my bag right now.

On the amphibious bus tour I saw all the good stuff -and- went into Quebec for, like, 15 minutes. I will figure out how to get there again tomorrow so I can go to the museum of civilization, which is in Gatineau. I also saw 24 Sussex and the trees surrounding Rideau Hall and the supreme court; and the embassies of Japan, USA, Kuwait, France. Or high commisions if they were that. I don’t know.

I kept buying magazines to entertain myself: first on the plane (I totally didn’t bring anything to read!) and then because my room doesn’t have a TV like I thought it would. That’s three now that I’ve bought. But since they go pretty quick and I don’t want to buy anymore I’ve bought a book instead. A thick book. It had better last (it will: I also have, like, 2 magazines to finish as well). It’s “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” which I haven’t even read yet. So I hope I like it. Another reason is that I buy a mag, finish it, and then am going to just leave it behind so as to not weigh down my baggage which I have to carry. Right? One thickish book; heavyish but a trade paperback at least. It had better last. I won’t start it yet.

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