Guess who bought a ticket to see Cirque de Soleil in Toronto?

Guess who wrote a Tiny String for July just in the nick of time?

Guess who has a tummy ache whenever she eats meat for some reason…

Guess who did the mid-summer dance school mail-out today? 346 envelopes! All lovingly hand-stuffed, sealed and stamped!

Guess who watched “Doctor Who”? And then decided that any time she is watching British Television she is going to call it “Telly”?

Guess who is going to Victoria on Wednesday to visit Susan and buy pants?

Guess who finished reading her favorite book again and is now a little sad even though it’s probably the tenth time she’s read it?

Guess who has to find a new book to read?

Guess who’s going to Ottawa and Toronto and St. John’s in a little over a week and getting well excited about it??!!

OOh! Guess who has ballet tomorrow at 7 p.m. at studio “B”?

The answer to all of these is LINDSIE!

(By the by, are “guess who” sentences questions or, like, commands?)

ps. the book I just read is not Harry Potter if you were wondering, even though if I were really diligent and into it I probably could have read it ten times by now. No. Harry Potter is SO last weekend. It was “Villains By Necesity” of course! It has an assassin in it, and proving once againg that I don’t know how to spell “neccessary”. I’m now in that mourning period that comes after reading a good book and not having that particular world to escape to anymore. Now I have to find another place to escape to, and I’m tired…

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