Wait a sec…

I had to ice my wrist because it is hurting. Icing my wrist is not pleasant and makes it hurt more from coldness. It’s my right wrist so I’m not too concerned. I’m not so sentementally attached to my right wrist and hand as I am to my left. (Even though I probably do more, in all technicallity, with my right, I am still considered “left handed” since that is the side with which I write.)

I have made my list for things to pack for my trip. It will probably get longer as time goes on as that is the way with me, stuffing things in at the last minute. I have remembered to include “pajamas” on the list, so hopefully these go along. I have new pajamas to take, so also hopefully they are taken.

I have a ballet class this evening. How starved I am! Remembering the summer I lived in Vancouver and took a ballet class every week through the summer. Almost every week. Pretty lazy. Even today after wanting to have a class for the past month and a bit, I am thinking to myself, eh, do I really want to go? Strange how the mind goes.

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