I like my hair right now. It’s a little bit wavy around the front like I’m a classy dame from the nineteen-forties.

I have the X-Files on right now about the volcano? (No, I don’t remember it either. My skill of knowing how every X-Files ends within the first 30 seconds is, mysteriously, waning.) Anyway, it has an handful of people who actually went on to have their own TV shows. Or at least bigger parts. Like Josh from Westwing, who is crazy dude. I don’t know how this one ends, so I don’t know if he ends up dead crazy dude or anything. Or, no. Right. He ends up living, moving to Washington and getting some sort of important job there. Yeah.

Today at work was one of the days where I do everything wrong, but I only just noticed it now, so that’s probably ok.

When I got home tonight there were two ginger cookies left. I quickly remedied that.

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