I didn’t forget April 15, I just didn’t write about it here. On that day in particular I was having a very slow day at work. It was an evening shift. I’ll get mine back though in a couple of weeks when things are promising to be busy.

I got my hair cut but it’s still fluffy and wierd unless I do stuff to it, like apply product and swish it with my fingers. I’ll probably survive, and it’s good that I don’t have to blow dry it every day, but it just gets longer and longer… Which is when I can fit it into a pony tail so I’m happy enough at dance class, but in the rest of my life I look like a freeu-uu.

Mum: I made up your name so I should be able too–
Lindsie: Change it?
Mum: Spell it.
Lindsie: Spell it like “Zebra” and then pronounce it like “Lindsie” You can be all “It’s pronounced LINDSIE”.
Mum: I could do that, they do that now. It looks like “Tehhusifat” but it’s pronounced “Suzanne”.
Lindsie: Or it looks like “Zebra” but it’s pronounced “Orange”.

(The colour, not the fruit.)

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