This Week

I just had two weeks off, like, completely, for spring break, which was nice but this week is when everything is happening, of course.

Monday. Ok. Nothing is going on today except tap class tonight and some preventative laundry.

Tuesday. Going to work again! Yay! I also have to pack for:

Wednesday: Going to Vancouver for Kwantlen’s fashion show. This, of course, had to happen the week just after I had all that time off. It’s ok though because I don’t work again until Sat, so I’m going to stay until Friday and go shoe shopping, to the art gallery, and whatever else I feel like.

Sunday: I might be working Sunday but I don’t know at this point since the schedule hadn’t been made up that far in advance when I left for Spring Break.


I’ve started doing my barre exercises to “Cut Chemist” and they go very well for the most part. I hooked my speakers back up to my computer so I can hear music in the outside world again, not just in my headphones.

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