Journal Entry
Stardate March 19, 2007
Weight: 140ish (more maybe due to guacamole and chips)
I need to find something to do tonight while I watch TV because I want to watch Bridgit Jones 2, which I haven’t seen, although it was on literally every channel all this past weekend.
Days until birthday: 23-19=4
There is a button on my keyboard with a little calculator on it and if I press it, the calculator application on my computer pops up! I like this button a lot for the days when I can’t do maths in my own head. (Which isn’t everyday.)

I took some digital photos of my paintings. I hate hate hate photographing my art work. It’s just a pain, I have nothing wrong with the practice of it or anything. The practice of it is quite useful, actually, for showing off one’s work, for example, or for when one wants to use the canvas board for another painting, for another example. I will figure out how to use FTP again and put them on my web page. They can be found at

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