I took my measurements today, for no reason. I don’t think I’ve done this since high school in Fashion Design? Or sewing? I don’t remember which class. I do remember that my partner was Dee-anne and she vexed me because she didn’t let me measure her because she had all of her measurements from the year before. I was vexed because I felt that half of the assignment was to be able to measure someone else, not just to get your own numbers. You know, like costumers or dressmakers might have to do? It’s ok now, because I’ve done it since on other people and realized along the way that I don’t like touching other people, and realized, too, that costuming is a lot of nit-picky work that I don’t want to do (as pretty as costumes are…. so many of them just aren’t pretty at all!)

Did we do that in Fashion Design? Amber? I still have ALL of my notes from Fashion Design and couldn’t find any numbers, so maybe it was in sewing class. I might have all of those notes somewhere, too, for that matter. The fashion design ones are better though because they include fashion drawings and a report on the fashion of the middle ages.

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