I realized after that I traded my Monday shift for the Saturday night before I work the Sunday morning shift. I hate doing working night and then the morning after. I used to do that at Wal-Mart (the memories of which are growing dim!) But I also traded my Wednesday for a Tuesday so I can go watch Culture. And if I don’t work on Monday I can go to tap. So I am, essentially, a winner.

Fill me in: Are the Arcade Fire really legendary? I think they just exist. I totally taped SNL last week so I could watch them. Lesson: SNL is better to watch in the daytime when I am not sleepy (like I would be if I watched it at it’s broadcast time) and also better when I can FF the commercials. Lesson 2: I used to watch SNL so that I could watch Jimmy Fallon and now he’s gone to movieland. Or the outskirts of movieland, anyway.

I asked my mum if I could change my name to Beans. She said yes. I told her to call my sister Beans as well. This would be comedic and would prevent name-mistakage, which my sister hates.

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