I was talking to this guy one day (I don’t remember his name) and he was interesting and an artist and everything, but when we got talking about my schooling he rather vexed me. He insisted that because I had paused midway through my degree that I had “quit” repeating it even though I explained that I was taking a break. I also explained how I had finished my year quite satisfactorily, and hadn’t just stopped going in February or March when I had actually decided that I wasn’t enjoying my time at school. I don’t consider this “quitting”, more putting it on hold until I decide what I want to do next. Quitting implies something reactionary to me, that I’m frustrated and angry and never want to think about it again. But I think about going back all the time. It’s not in my immediate plan for what I’m going to do, but I do mean to go back, somewhere and finish my second degree, at least, if not do a masters in something.

But my problem is always, what to focus on, what to go back and study.

Yes. Ok. Probably art or writing.

But wouldn’t it be cool to get a masters of education, or MA in philosophy? Or dance! I could do dance! Or art history. Or theatre, if I didn’t have to hang out with theatre people…

Ahem. Good morning.

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