I got more done today. I’m learning Photoshop. I wrote a little but I’ve grown to close and have to step back a little. I’m taking the events I write too hard, you know?

Another thing making me feel bad is French. Nothing against French. I had a dream where I had to write a French test final exam after only having gone to one class all term. I think I did ok but I woke up before the teacher could mark it. Now when I look at the French side of products I feel a little stressed.

I’ve mentioned this before: Seriously. When I get stuck with the plot in my writing all I have to do is watch an episode or two of Hana Yori Dango and I remember what’s supposed to happen next. It’s not really plagerism, just a little boost. I am SO NOT ADDICTED.

DID YOU KNOW that there’s a second series of the Live Action Hana Yori Dango? I watched the first episode this afternoon. It was awfully cluttered full of lots of plot twists from the manga. Yes. I liked it. Coincidentally, the ending of this epidsode was right exactly where I am stuck in my novel right now. So intense.

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