I found a story that I suppose I wrote since it’s in with all my stuff but I so cannot remember writing it.

I wasn’t surprised when, upon getting on the nice warm school bus, Tad fell asleep. I was close to nodding off myself by the time we jerked to a stop at the front of the school.

“Tad,” I nudged him as everyone else was standing to get off. He wasn’t making any attempt to move. I would have just left him had he not been in my direct path to the isle. He grumbled and rolled into the river of people moving to the door.

“I’m awake,” he declared from where most people were stepping on him with their muddy shoes.

I grabbed my bag and pulled Tad to his feet. Luckily his proper noun was also an adjective, making this endevour possible.

“Upsy go.” I shoved him off the bus.

Here’s the whole thing here. It’s a pdf because, yeah, I can do those now.

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