I’ve been reading alot about my favorite TV shows lately on the internet. This is because if I put my chair at the right height so my head tilts up just so, my nose doesn’t run. I have a cold. This is no excuse though. I could be reading the Wiki article on string theory or something else basic but thinky.

Corrie is better to read about because I have potentially nine months of shows to catch up on. (That is how far behind CBC is. This is from “years of pre-emptions” according to the “Ask CBC questions” show I watched once.) However, things happen very slowly on Coronation St. and take so long to develop nothing is really a surprise to me.

I haven’t been reading about Hana Yori Dango save that the new series started today in Japan. I don’t know how long the subs will take to get out because, fortunately, I didn’t find out about the first series until it was just over so I could download them all at the same time without the heartache of having to wait each week.

I also read that the OC is cancelled after Feb 20? I don’t really care about that, only that I’m pretty sure this happened because I started watching it again, like, last week. It’s a Fox show though, so cancellation was pretty much bound to happen isn’t it?

I totally used the word “feat” yesterday in a story. I totally had to look it up because I don’t think I’ve ever used it before. Hoorah for seldom used vocab.

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