I saw Amber today. I didn’t even just see her, I also talked to her and poked her a bit too. She is so superior.

Yesterday was boxing day and I spent the whole day fiddling with my new computer. Large percentages of this time “fiddling” was, I suppose, being able to watch Live Action Hana Yori Dango on a full screen. And for one thing, I can’t make my mouse’s scroll wheel do [delete] when I click it anymore. But that’s like the only thing that is troublesome and I will probably get over that. I have messenger back, so that’s good for sometimes. And I’ve started using Open Office, which is a step up from the Office 97 that I was using before, although the interface looks slightly different so I haven’t been able to write anything with it yet. (Just not comfortable with how it looks. That’s probably a writer thing. Just admitting it here makes me feel silly but that’s just how it is.)

I also like that I can make my taskbar green instead of blue in XP. Taskbar? The strip going across the bottom of the screen. It can also be moved to the top, which I do sometimes when I’m bored and procrastinating.

Writing about my computer is very boring, but it’s what’s in my head and I haven’t done anything interesting with it yet to report. Except talk to Kimberly in Quesnel this morning. The “s” in “Quesnel” is silent. If you shuffle the letters around, however, you get “Queen L”. (I made the “s” invisible as well as silent in that last one).

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