My horoschope suggested that I not go out today. Stupid. But

a) it was raining hard when I left.
b) they didn’t have what I wanted at Shoppers
c) the photocopier at Staples jammed, copied the wrong way, and then my copy card ran out.
d) the girl at the desk (there was only one girl) was doing some big photo talk with a customer and I needed to refil my card to make only 10 more copies.


So I went to Liz at Copycat and she made 10 copies and did the chopping for me in one great cut. And when I left the rain had stopped. Moral: take photocopying to Liz.

Noted to self: Staples never has what I need. Stop going there.


Now I’m just grumpy and probably need to go for a nap. Or I’m dehydrated? Should have stood in the rain longer.

ps. I made the font on the programs prettier.

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