Seriously. Seriously?

At the end of the trailer for the new movie “Marie Antoinette” the announcer informs us that it is based on a true story. Opposed to the fictional Marie Antoinette? Or did we all forget about her in the great memory sweep of ’97?

3 thoughts on “Seriously. Seriously?

  1. its gnome

    the reason for the based on thingy is because they are not strictly speaking recreating her life it isn’t really a biographical film, more of a parrallel universe this is how a 4th wave feminist sees it kind of thing.

    • But this is true of all biographical pics. They can never be true recreations due to bias, different versions leaking down through the ages, etc. Then just picking out the good bits to fit within the confines of a watchable flick.

      All films are set in a parallel universe. Why do they have to reinforce the “true story”ness of it?

      I don’t want to see it just because of the picture of Kirsten Duncet looking smug on the cover of Vogue (or Van. Fair?). M.A. didn’t have to be smug. 4th wave feminists shouldn’t be portrayed as smug, either.

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