Item 1:
I like on Deadwood when Veronica Mars gets the living shit kicked the fuck out of her.

Item 2:
I made new pj pants today!

Item 3:
Bonnie’s going to pick me up some big snaps in Nan. Big snaps aren’t available in Duncan since Fanny’s Fabrics went under. This makes me sad!

Item 4:
I oiled my serger today so it doesn’t smell like burning when I run it. Of course, it’s been a few years since I’ve had it out.

Item 5:
My first reaction to my sister coming home today to watch television and tape the overlapping shows was to make a list of all the shows that I could tape and also list of all the shows I had to watch while they did. I altered this plan so that I don’t have to tape things and she can. I’m not a TV addict!

Item 5:
I have the mock-up of Tiny String 2 done up. It just needs glue and to be scanned into the computer. It’s messy! because I used soft pencils and graphite stick for magical effects.

Item 6:
I had ballet this morning! My ballet teacher also teaches at Brentwood. We’re both newbies and think Brentwood is intense/overwhelming.

Item 7:
I’m doing NANO this year. I don’t know where I’ll post it though. Who’s all in?

Item 8:
I bought 8×10 fabric sheets that can go through the printer. What shall I make with them! I’ll think of something!

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