Up Late, Just for fun, I suppose

Are you going to do novel-in-a-month this year, Susan? I haven’t decided fully if I will or not, despite having come up with a good idea that would probably get me through. (What’s better than a spin-off of my spin-off, which will actually spin-back to the original story? Nothing, I say.)

I spent ALL DAY working on getting my zine to print pretty. I wasn’t writing it, which I’ve done already and took about 2 hours. I wasn’t laying it out, which I completed easily on Saturday. I was trying to make my printer make it print out good. This wasn’t laying it out on some fancy computer program, it was using the photo-copy option on my scanner to send information to my printer. It ended up working good only if I used a program on my compter to make it look like I had used a photocopier. Why didn’t I just use a photo-copier? This is a fine question to ask and I will give a polite answer after I bang my head against my desk for a while…

My method is cheaper. Not in time, obviously, but in cash. This works out well, since i have lots of time, being unemployed, but being unemployed I have lots of time. Ah, glee.

2 thoughts on “Up Late, Just for fun, I suppose

  1. its gnomey!

    hi. am at school am taking stoopid courses. Why oh why did I sign up for lit theory and criticism? What heroin addled monkey hijacked my brain and said..”YES, this is for you!”
    stoopid me
    anywya see you tonight
    at 7:30
    at the moon

  2. I think I will – though November is the month that I’ll be the boss at work, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up the way I did last year. However, I do have an idea and I think it’d be fun to at least try to do it again! Ya!

    And a zine! fabulous idea!

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