I would like it if you weren’t here anymore

Or better yet, writing friends on a postcard: “Having a great time. Glad you aren’t here!”

Amusement for all involved!

Let me tell you about my life day. My Mum and Dad and I went to dinner at my sister’s restaurant. She doesn’t run the place or anything, just works there. We even call it “Bonnie’s Restaurant” even though that’s not the real name. I had the salad bar and soup option, which is, in actual fact, much like having a meal of side dishes. I also shared some of Dad’s fries, thus encouraging the aforementioned theory. I also had juice from the machine, because there’s a machine there that makes orange juice and iced tea.

As a consequence of my dining out, I missed Coronation St, which makes two I missed this week. And no use telling me I just should have taped them because I just plum forgot!

p.s. I got to that cereal eating part in my book and it just didn’t pack the same punch as the first time I read it. It’s still funny as all heck though. Not funny so I’m laughing, but funny so I’m saying to myself “Golly, that’s funny.” You know. Funny-so-I’m-laughing is usally accompanied by exclamation marks!

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