Spiderman Ate My Baby!

I would like to compare the book I am currently reading (“Cryptonomicon” by Neal Stephenson) with the last book I read (“Last Orders” by ___________).

a) Both are in multi-person perspective. “Cryto…” is in third person, while “Last Orders” is in first. “Crypto…” isn’t stream-of-thoughty, like “Last Orders” was, which is good because that gets perplexing after a while.

b) All, except one, perspective is male. The female voice in in “Last Orders”…. Wait, there’s two female voices in “Last Orders”. Please disregard point b).

c) Both have some dealings with World War 2. In “Last Orders”, the characters are remembering back. In “Crypto…” the characters are dealing with it in their present.

I’m stretching here a little. I haven’t finished “Crypto…” yet though. It’s long. I like it better than “Last Orders” because sometimes there are exclamation marks!

(I may have written about this book before,since I was reather enthtralled with it the first time I read it. I’ll have a look…)

(Edit 3 minutes later: nope, I lied about that last part. But if anyone talked to me around that time (Spring 03) I probably told you to read it.)

(15 minutes later after fining a snack and almost getting to bed…)Wrong AGAIN! This entry is from Spring 2004 and talks about the very book I am rereading currently– I think:

*Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Now, to relate my itinerary, I’m going to read my book. Book which took 2 pages to describe this: he took a box of cereal from the cupboard, opened it and ate it. It’s interesting how siad book relates this lovinly in the third person and we know how the protag loves his cereal, but when we get a first person pov, when cereal is stolen it doesn’t seem important. Protagonist is not good at expressing emotion.

All this and it’s “just” science fiction. I mean math fiction.

(2 minutes later)
Here’s another bit I found. It’s more about another book by Mr. Stephenson, but hey! I started mentioning titles just for the ease of posterity!

*Thursday, June 10, 2004

Also, I renewed my book today which I didn’t think I could do cause it’s one of those “high demand books” but I went to the website and could renew it anyway. Am happy cause it’s finally getting good (Vagabond) and I still have 300 pages to go. Taking be abnormally long to read it, but the pages are big and the type is small. I calcualted 20 pages an hour. It’s so thick and heavy. It’s called “Quicksilver” and it’s by Neal Stepanson and y’all should read it: if you like thick books like I do that have Eurpean history and pirates and science in them. “Science fiction”. I was talking about this before, though that was maybe with the other “Cryponomicon” which is the same author and I also liked.

As you can see, I liked it then too! Just as I said!

3 thoughts on “Spiderman Ate My Baby!

  1. those sound like tasty books
    but I would only expect something called “Cryptonomicon” to be sugary sweet. i would eat it with maple syrup perhaps?

    my current book isn’t very tasty.

    • I have a copy of that! I’m currently reading Charles De Lint. At first because his last name was ‘Lint’ but now I really like him. Recommend ‘Somewhere to be Flying’. It’s not thick and historic-like but yummy just the same.

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