Recently read: Wolf Hall (finally; good) and Year of the Flood (also good). Reading these took a lot of time but is no excuse for neglecting my blog. Wolf Hall is thick and meaty and by the end I was almost able to get over the whole thing where almost every “he” written refers to the protagonist, no matter the subject immediately preceding– you know, how it’s supposed to work and how we’re taught. And I didn’t dislike that the author did this: it’s just new to me and I had to get used to it, is all.

Year of the Flood is a Margaret Atwood-constructed novel, with charming poetry at the start of each section. This reminded me of Alias Grace, which is a novel I enjoy returning to. YotF, however, got a bit intense and stressful-survivory, e.g. The characters having to look after themselves after the end of civilization. I would have appreciated this on a more intellectual level, if I didn’t enjoy the subject very much, better if I wasn’t sick while reading it. On the entertainment level on which I read it, I was just scared and paranoid by the end.

MmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.  This was the sound I was making at work today.  Not because there were yummy things.  It was just because I was feeling uncomfortable and didn’t want to work.  “How do people do this for 30 years?” I asked myself this morning, getting out of bed.  “Going and doing something everyday that they feel largely indifferent towards?”  I didn’t have an answer and I don’t think I’m going to find out.

Left-over birthday cake!

I have to finish my floor rug!  Sometime.  Soonish.  I hope.  I’m knitting it so it’s taking a long time.

This is all I wish to report at this time.

MmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMM.  This isn’t a sound of yumminess, it’s a sound of frustration and discomfort.  I’m making this noise a lot today as I don’t feel very well, yet if I don’t clean my house today I will have no time to do it until much later.  Somehow I survive.  And somehow now my house is clean and almost tidy, too.

I was in Duncan yesterday to do taxes.  (I won at taxes.)  I also got birthday cake and presents.  I got rolly suitcases I will use in my travels about.  I received them just in time as I have 1) a trip to Nanaimo to visit Naomi next weekend, 2) a trip to Vancouver to visit Julie the weekend after, and 3) another trip to Vancouver at the end of April to visit Simon and Garfunkel.  I feel I have scheduled too much for myself and am getting worried for my sanity/health.  On the other hand, I like doing things.

I get to make the poster for The Carlson’s Dance Concert again this year.  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I got dressed and everything to see if that makes me feel better.  It didn’t work.  I didn’t brush my teeth because the thought of putting things in my mouth makes me feel nauseous.  I was afraid I’m actually depressed since I don’t want to do anything but lie in bed all day.  But I think it’s just because I’m sick.  I had to get up though because I’m sick of television, and of being still.  The being still part might work in my favour, however.  I’ll knit.  I was knitting yesterday too.  I was also wearing my housecoat like a snuggy.  Amber told me about this trick.  She is very smart at things.

Right now I am dressed and looking almost normal in jeans and cardie.  The drooping posture will give me away, however.  I’m sort of sagging to the left because I’m tired and sick.  I should go lie down again.  Rrrr.  I’m make my bed so it looks like I’m lounging instead of just still in bed.  Rrrr.

I blog a lot when I’m sick because I have nothing else to do and don’t have enough thought process to craft anything more complicated.

Usually when I get sick, it is preceded by a couple of days where I’m all “WOW I feel great!  It’s so nice to have not been sick for a long time!”  This is when the sickness goddesses are reminded that I exist “Oh yeah!  Lindsie!  We haven’t beaten her with a load of bricks for a while!  cha cha cha!”  Those sickness goddesses are real stinkers if you ask me.  This time though I was kinda miserable the whole week before I got sick.  Not happy at all!  Odd.  I’m hoping that my negativity doesn’t mean that my illness is going to last longer.

Today I am still sick.  I napped.  I started a new book.  I watched the noon-time episode of One Tree Hill.  I forgot how interesting the early episodes of One Tree Hill were*.

I made garlicky hummus for supper.  Garlicky hummus makes me think of Sarah, who once sent me a huge carton of garlicy hummus in exchange for the blackberry jam I sent to her in Halifax.  I also put parsley in my hummus tonight.  The parsley is from the bouquet my mum brought me on the weekend– the parsley was added to the flowers as a practical greenery.  Now my parsley is practical green specs in light brown sludge.  Mm.

*No they weren’t.

I have a cold today.  It is not a very well scheduled illness as I am meant to go out for dinner with family tonight.  I did manage to go out for lunch with some of them, so hopefully I’ll be well enough.  Instead I’m using facebook a lot, which isn’t how I want to spend a sunny day.  At least there’s tea.  I slept despite having caffeine again, which isn’t a good sign.

I had a purpose when I started this entry.  You know, something interesting to report, or must on.  I don’t recall what it is.

There was a fire truck and an ambulance at the apartment building next door to mine when we were coming back from lunch.  A little later I saw an ambulance leaving really slowly, without it’s lights on.  This made me think that they didn’t have to, that is, they were transporting someone who was already dead.  My second thought was that maybe it was all just a false alarm.  Default to drama today.

I just slept a lot. Around 8 last night my eyes got sleepy so I closed them and didn’t open them until 5:30 this morning. And then I slept some more! I don’t feel especially chipper or anything now, but it’s good to have rested so long if I needed it, I suppose.

My plans for today include reading, writing, cleaning the bathroom and going for groceries. Maybe by listing them here they’ll get done. I keep being unproductive with my days… Mostly due to being ill for several of them.

It’s remembrance day so I spent some time remembering, and thinking. It doesn’t feel like enough.

I’m showing symptoms: sore throat, tight chest and a bit of a cough. It’s the chest part that worries me, but only because it lasts. There are respiratory problems with H1N1, but my chest always gets tight when I’m sick so I don’t know if I should worry about it in this new way or not. While I think about that I’m knitting and writing my Nano. While I knit I have “The Eyre Affair” on CD to listen to. I’m going to start a new patten, though, so I think I’ll have to leave the “book” off for a while so I can think about my rounds. (Of knitting… and each one is going to be different, which is why I have to think and leave off the book, which would either be distracting, or wouldn’t get listened to properly).

I use the word “probably” too much in my writing. Things should either be what they are, or not, and no probably about it. I occasionally blame my characters for their indecisiveness; however, ultimately, their indecisiveness is my fault, isn’t it?

There was nothing on TV last night so I wrote instead. I wish this was how things progressed in my normal routine.

I’m up early because I woke up and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I got up. Yesterday and the day before and the day before I’ve been sick and so have been in bed for most of the time. Yesterday at 4:30 I decided this was enough and got up and felt better enough, I suppose. My face is still leaking, though and I don’t have much energy. I’m going to lie in bed for a while now and watch Corrie, getting up only at 8 to take my laundry down so I have things to wear in the coming week.

I decided last night that I am too pretty pretty to ever be in a punk band, but the yelling with guitars looks like a lot of fun.

I have a cold. Again. Urg.

The good news is, I had a nap today.

The other good news is that now I have benefits and, therefore, sick days.

Some more good news is that I’ve started drawing again. Just in the old style, with a pen. I found like six books that I’d made and then filled with various marks and such and was inspired. I was also delighted because I’m funny and I draw funny. You can quote me on that. In fact, quote me on that now, and often.

Some annoying news is that I’ve been playing with my web page and it is no longer showing up at For now– it’s just a glitch I hope.

I had a dream during my nap and apparently it’s the second time I’ve had it. At least, while I was having the dream, I was thinking to myself that I’d had it before. 1) I’m in a car with my partner (like I’m in the FBI and we’re on a case). 2) We get to the place we’re going, look around and then my partner finds some stairs and goes down and I follow. This whole time it’s too bright and I have to cover my eyes. 3) When we’re down the stairs we’re looking around I notice there’s a window and Mulder and Scully are watching us, only they’re really big, and it seems that when my partner and I came down the stairs we also shrunk and walked ourselves into a diorama box. 4) Then there’s some people chasing us. 5) Then we’re in the car again and pulling off the blanket we had put over the window before because the light was too bright for me when we were driving before.

I haven’t had a dream where I couldn’t open my eyes for a long time. Am I missing something?