This morning Julie and I went into old town Hoi An and we’re fitted for clothing and shoes. So many choices, but we went to Yaly first, which Julie noticed was quite quality. I chose a suit made of a dark blue linen/cotton blend. Pretty basic. And a white linen/cotton tunic-type blouse. Pretty cheap. Julie has a whole bunch of dresses being made for her, an had fun designing them with her associate from the store.

It was a lovely experience at Yaly. We were there at opening (we are keeners) and we’re each claimed by an associate. Then we were taken into a room where we looked at books of tear sheets and placed bookmarks when we saw something we liked. I had a book labelled ‘suits’. Once I showed my associate (her name is Tanya) that I knew what I wanted she took me to look for fabrics.

The walls of Yaly are covered in bolts of fabric. Tanya first showed me the section with wool and cashmere, but I wanted linen so she showed me those instead. Lots of colours to choose from. I knew exactly what I wanted when I saw it and Tanya yanked it out from the wall and let me touch and explained the price. Then some cotton for my blouse (off-white because the white-white was too white). Then to the back further into the store to choose from a wall of polyester linings (cotton lining cost more – and I don’t think I’ve had a cotton lining for anything.) I chose white with blue and black stripes. I was tempter to get bright pink, but no.

I then had my picture taken against a wall with height markings. I had to stand facing front, to the side and to the back. Very scientific, or I have been very secretly arrested. Then Tanya measured me – old school, with a tape measure. Unfortunately I don’t have a regular bra with me (only sports bras) so Tanya added a bit to my chest measurement.

I have an appointment for my first fitting tomorrow at 12:30. I might need a second fitting tomorrow night, and they’ll deliver to my hotel when everything is done.

Very relaxed at Yaly. The associates are all in uniforms of an asian dress with the slit and pants beneath. They all carry a little purse with supplies.

After Yaly, we ventured into the cloth market, where I was expecting to browse, but we were picked up right away by a vendor and led deep inside to her stall. The cloth market is made up of stalls full of bolts of fabric and taylors. All the tayors want to make you things.

Our taylor sat us down and gave us wated and caught our attention by saying she had linen (caught Julie’s attention-I was still like whaaaaat’s going on??) They had books of tear sheets too, which we promptly started looking through, while the taylor bantered. There was a whole handful of swatches of linen. I found a pair of pants I wanted made of linen, and chose a colour, then since I was there, found a blouse I wanted to, and the taylor showed me some nice cotton (the non-wrinkle, washable kind). She also described how she could alter the design along the neck, and could make the sleeves quarter-length. I’ve ordered two.

Then, the friend of the taylor approached us and invited us to her shoe stall across the road from the cloth market. This was in the shoe market, I guess: there were a lot of shoe stalls. Same thing: looking through books and choosing the leather we wanted for shoes. I’m getting some red flats.

As we were leaving the shoe maker’s, another woman approached us trying to get us to buy souvenirs, or do threading, or get a tattoo. By this time, however, we needed a rest and lunch. It was kind of hard to escape.

We have a series of fittings to attend tomorrow morning. I have much less money now.

1) woke up in Halong Bay
2) 4 hour ride back to Hanoi. I napped and listened to music
3)short stint as rice planter. Muddy feet.
4)Much time time spent wandering streets of Hanoi
6)electic car tour (big golf cart) of streets of Hanoi
5) Water puppet theatre/nap
6) night market
7) packing for tomorrow evening’s overnight train to Hue
8)too tired to write in paragraphs
9)good night.

I have no idea what time it is right now. This is kindof a lie, since I just looked at the in-flight navigator that the passenger in front of me and to the left has up on their monitor (making it so I don’t have to turn on mine.) It’s 12:30 in the night in Taipei, and 9:30 of the morning at home. Currently I’m somewhere over Japan and trying to sleep. Also it’s Wednesday now, so I got a little bit of Tuesday, but otherwise it’s a day that didn’t exist. I wonder what the Lindsie in a parallel universe did on that day. Did it exist for her? Am I the Lindsie in the parallel universe? Probably.

I’ve slept 3 or 4 hours (can’t tell how long. Time is calculated different here.) which is the usual for me on a plane. I would love to sleep longer since it’s a 12 hour flight and time goes faster when you’re asleep.

Musings on having only three days left before my trip to Vietnam.

Today was my last day at work before my trip. It didn’t really hit me, however,  until about ten minutes before I left, when I had a feeling of “now things are starting!”

The day went surprisingly quick for the kind of day it was. I kept finding things to do. Also, people kept coming by to wish me a good time. I feel I deserve points for not only remembering to change the message on my voice-mail, but actually recording it, which is one of my least favorite things to do ever. I deserve extra points for listening to it when I was done to make sure it was audible and sensible. I doubly hate listening to myself. (For assistance, I wrote myself a script a few weeks ago AND set a reminder so I had no excuse whatsoever. Except maybe if I didn’t want to.) I especially enjoyed writing on the vacation board that I won’t be returning until August 11, exactly one month from today.

This evening I started packing and re-packing and generally editing my bags. It was in a bit of a manic fashion so I thought it would be best to leave the house so I’ve come to the studio to watch a bellydance show. This is the group is was in a show with last year, and I didn’t really get to see them, but what I saw- the finale, from a weird angle behind a lot of people- looked interesting. I can’t really pack until I do laundry tomorrow, anyway.

Edit: bellydance-circus fusion.

My throat keeps getting sore. Maybe when I consume sugar? Not pleased with this. I’ll rest today as I have no plans for after work today. I’ve prepared myself an echinacea tea.

I watched a lot of TV on Sunday. As a result I went to the library yesterday and got a couple of books, one of which I plan to read. I tried one of them but didn’t like it much so I shall return it. Too American, but I half sort of expected to not like it because of this. It had a good premise, and from the point of view from a woman with schizophrenia, but no go. I know maybe I should read more than a chapter, or half a chapter before making my decision, but whatever. I don’t want to waste my time.

I want to watch a movie called “Hyde Park on hudson” this evening and eat salmon spaghetti. My mum bought me gluten-free pasta at Costco so I might try that. Yes. I’ve just decided that I shall, too super make sure that I feel good tomorrow.

They brought me some fruit bread, too, mum and dad. I was supposed to take it at Christmas but everyone forgot so I have it now. I had a couple slices last night after dance. They were covered in lots of luscious butter that coated nicely my mouse and chair when I dropped. Hoo. Still tasty. I’ll save the rest for next week when I have no dance and will eat what I please for several days.

I don’t feel very good today. I’m afraid that I’m sick again after just getting better from the last time I was sick, like, a couple weeks ago. It feels like the same sick, too, where I’m all weak. Shit. I’m having warm liquids and echinacea throughout the day. Oh right: my throat is sore too as I was just reminded when I swallowed. I’ll have to see how I feel when I stand up again: I am on the lunchroom couch at work.

I don’t want to be sick because I wish to dance this evening. I’ll nap after work and if I don’t wake up then I won’t go. I think there’s a sub tonight anyway.


Last night I wasn’t feeling good with sore throat so I went to bed just before 7 and listened to Ideas and played solitaire on my phone. Mono-style. Rock. On.

I was totally too busy last week. One might think that having Monday as my flex day would have helped but it did not. It started then with dance Monday night, followed by four days of work as is normal, but instead of having Tuesday and Thursday evenings off, I had plays to go to. They were good,  but I guess I didn’t really think about having so much to do in my week when I booked them. It was a long week where I didn’t spend much time at home. I was pretty tired by Friday and had a pretty miserable second dance class – I sort of got my second wind half way through I guess but I was super tired after. Then on Sat I had ballet closely followed by a visit from Susan and Amber and Mia. And in between there I also sewed the edges of my duvet cover to make it fit better. I had about 1/2 hour rest on my chair on Thurs before I went to dinner, but I didn’t get back there until noon on Sunday. After Am and Mia were gone. Fun times but exhausted.   This wasn’t helped by me getting up at 4 in the morning on Sunday to watch Canada in the gold medal hockey game. I snoozed a bit during the third period and Am and Mia (who were in my living room) slept through from sometime in the second period right through until a normal getting up time around 9.

This week I have much less to do, though I might do flamenco class on Wednesday again. Not to much hardship on my part since it’s right after modern. The only problem is if I am too tired.

Actually it’s not so bad that I was busy with things to do in the evenings last week as the Olympics were on so there weren’t too many shows to watch anyway. I might have had to read a book or watch a new show or something. I tried watching a new show yesterday. I chose it based entirely because it’s from Australia. I watched part of the first episode. It was actually a soapy medical drama that started in 1998 so it was not only cheesy but filmed on square video that didn’t fill up my monitor as well. Not that this last factor would stop me from watching if it was any good. If it was any good I may not have noticed. I only watched the first half of the first episode so I guess it might get better. I’m not going to bother finding out because the Olympics are over so presumably my regular shows will be back.

I forgot my oatmeal this morning. Rather, my oatmeal was in the same type of container as my hummus so I had hummus for breakfast instead. I sort of remember thinking as I put the hummus away last night that I mustn’t mix them up in the morning. This wasn’t enough of a warning for me when I was rushing to leave.

I had a massage yesterday after work. I said my neck was sore and my RMT did something that felt like my head was dislocated from my body. It didn’t feel good and now my neck is sore. It’s all reattached though so that’s good.

After massage I went home for a grilled-cheese sammich and then to a play. It was “Picnic” by William Inge. It felt very surfacy but I was impressed with how some of the young actors portrayed older characters. It was at UVIC so the whole cast was young.

Tonight I’ve said I’ll do a make-up class in level 3 flamenco. I asked permission first of course and there’s no problem there but I am nervous. That’s normal. It’s all the same people from my own level 2/3 but it’s not my class so I’m nervous. Also I have to remember to take my shoes.

It’s play week. We have Glass Menagerie at Blue Bridge tomorrow night, preceded by hamburgers at 5th St.

I was sick last week. Nothing gross really happened but I didn’t really feel like moving a lot for about five days. I could tell sickness was looming on the Friday but I swallowed a bunch of echinacea and drank a lot of water and went to dance class anyway and that felt fine. Maybe a little more tired than usual after.

I was meant to go to Vancouver the next day to see West Side Story with Julie. However, when I got home from dance I got a text from her saying she’d been injured on the bus. So we planned to take it easy while I was there.   But then when I woke up sick in the morning I cancelled my going. It was for the best anyway since she wasn’t feeling very good either. She was able to find someone who was not as cursed as we were to take the tickets, so that’s good. 

I was sickly for five days after that. Seven really, but I managed to go to work on the next Friday. During my sick time I spent a lot of time on my reclining chair, eating various types of porridge (cornmeal, Scottish oats, regular oats with flax seeds). I ate other stuff too.   My throat was sore for maybe a day, but it didn’t prevent me from eating, thank goodness.

I watched all the streaming TV shows that I could on my computer. Now I’ve watched all the shows and there’s no more due to the Olympics.   I only watched one Olympics and that was the men’s short program for figure skating. I read my book during the parts where there was no skating.

I read the Divergent series of books. I had bought one on sale at walmart a few weeks ago and read it and it was satisfying enough so I downloaded the others on to my old phone and read them while I was sick. They’re young adult books in a post-something-happened-in-America-to-make-it-significantly-different type setting. You know. And the kids living in it are part of the changing it. *You know*. There is a healthy dose of boys and girls getting together and touching and kissing and relationships and blah blah blah. I wasn’t turned off by the first person narrative this time (like I was with Hunger Games) but the last book gave a hint of what was to come when it was split into 2 points of view. I didn’t catch on until the main characters seemed a little too happy in their relationship late in the book. A definite give-away with so many pages still to come.   Also, the lesser characters maybe weren’t developed as well as they might be (for one of them I just pictured Draco Malfoy).

I spent this weekend with Amber and Mia, and also with Susan.  We went to the aquarium in Sidney and I wasn’t afraid.  There’s no picture of me there, however, so I guess there’s nothing to proove I was there.

We went for fish and chips of course, at Fish on Fifth and I had gravy on my fries and all was well. Mia had a maccachee that just blew all our minds, as it was deepfried into triangular pockets.  Crazy.

On our return home  from we all had super-naps.

Super late fancy dinner followed.  (It didn’t finish until off unitl after 10! which is way past all of our bedtimes.)  We dressed up, of course and went to Milestones which is our favorite. The taller of us had fancy mojitos.  The short one had a fancy ice cream dessert. We were all happy.

Time with friends went way too quickly.