I walked past a young man on the street who looked like a monkey.  A few steps later I saw a banana peel on the road.  Monkey must have littered.

I’d like to present to you the Smitty’s in downtown Victoria:

I think something has gone terribly wrong.  The sign doesn’t say “Smitty’s” anymore.  It says “West Coast Grill”.  This isn’t as much fun to say as “Smitty’s” AND also takes up a lot of time with all those consonants.

This is their M.O., which I guess seems promising enough.  I like both breakfast and lunch, as well as dinner.  I guess I also should have found out if they will serve me breakfast at dinnertime, as this will be the real test.

Oh, Smitty’s, where did you go??

Today I thought it would be good to write a story.  Then I remembered I am yet to download OpenOffice on my new thing, so I am in the process of that now.  The new thing came with Microsoft Works (??) installed, and I didn’t even know they still made that.  I didn’t want it to come with Microsoft works (??) installed, but I didn’t have a choice.  It was Microsoft Works (??) for free or pay extra to get Microsoft Office, which I didn’t want either.  I have nothing against Microsoft Office, I use it at work and it is quite jolly.  But Open Office is free, and I quite love it. Although I guess I have to set it all up again so it’s as I like it.  Shoot.  I’ll do that some other time.

I ate at the Reef twice this week, once on Monday with Susan, and again today with the cooworkers.  “We should have lunch,” said supervisor.  “We’ll go to the Reef,” I replied.  “When? Today?”  And so it was.

As you can see, I am yet to make my lunches for the week.  Rather, I have yet to finish making them, as I already have chicken sandwiches in the fridge and freezer, and a pot of rice cooling for salad.  “Nice printing,” I now realize, should also have a tick.  Please also note my pretty post-its.

I wore the stupidest pants at dance tonight.  They are meant to be yoga pants but they are cheep and don’t breath and are too loose so I have to tie the string around my waist so they are tight, but in an annoying way!  And if I don’t tie the string they fall off.  When the string around my waist isn’t bothering me, I’m grossed out by the sweat forming in a layer on my legs and being slippery because the fabric of the pants doesn’t soak any of it in.  Ew and ew.

Other than that, my favorite step of the evening was an arabesque with the arms hanging straight down in front.  It looks pretty when the teacher does it, and I hope it looks pretty on me.  (There were people in front of me so I couldn’t see in the mirror, and besides, I was concentrating too hard to look, and besides, *we’re supposed to be looking down* at that point.)

And that’s all I want to talk about today.

While eating an apple yesterday, I bit the inside of my cheek Really Hard. I had to stop eating for a few moment so I could cry a little bit: this was how hurty it was to chew on the inside of my cheek. Lesson learned: self-canabalism is a bad idea.

Speaking of the inside of my mouth, I’ve made another dental appointment for whatever I need done next. I don’t know what the procedure is named eveb though the dental receptionist said it a few times. Pre-fixing the teeth with cavities before they disintigrate. That will take place in April, which is fast approaching.

It’s nap time.

I’ve totally brought out my spring jackets to wear. It’s almost warm enough too. It wasn’t warm enough when I left for lunch, but coming back it was. I’ll bring out my spring clothes soon, maybe this weekend, but I’m still in the mood for my winter sweaters.

I’m listening to The End, the radio station, via internet. I haven’t listened to The End for many years, since 1998 maybe? Before l left home the first time. The signal didn’t reach my radio in Victoria so I had to listen to sub-standard Victoria radio. It’s probably been on the internet for forever now, but I’ve been into other things. Mostly television is what I’ve been into. And school, I guess. Hm. I just remembered I listened to them when I lived in Vancouver, also via internet. But they only seemed to play Postal Service. I liked it better when I was a teenager and reception was fuzzy on my radio coming all the way from Seattle.

My first awareness of Nine Inch Nails was a t-shirt worn by a guy in my art class. When I saw the band name (having never heard of them before) the first thing that came to mind was how the Chinese emperors grew their fingernails really long as a status symbol—they couldn’t use their hands for anything but that was ok because they had many servants to do everything for them. Yeah? Nine-inch fingernails? Sure.

The more books I read, the more I am unfit for human interaction, it seems. I actually used the phrase “I’ve been tasked” in normal conversation just a few moments ago. In my defense, I’m really tired today. Also in my defense, I not only read a lot, but I also watch a lot of British television/movies. Yesterday morning I made pancakes with a British accent. For example.

My mum will no doubt sum it up thusly: you’re just weird. That reminds me: I have to do my taxes.

I have the song “Inside Out” by Eve 6 in my head. This is the first song that played this morning after the news on the radio that woke me up at 6:28. I was annoyed to hear it, as it is an annoying song, and I am annoyed that it is in my head right now, and that I know all the words. I can’t say I hate the band Eve 6, however, as they were named after a character in an episode of the X-Files. I didn’t have to look at Wikipedia to tell you that, but if you don’t believe me, it’s all there for you to see.

Naomi invited me to move to Burnaby with her in 2 years to pursue school (her – SFU, me – TBD). Both Naomi and I are fond of making such plans, but they don’t usually coincide.

Tonight I can hear the tv from Someone Else’s Apartment.  This doesn’t usually happen.  Usually this only happens on Monday nights when there is a new “CSI: Miami” on because my neighbors watch it really loud.  I don’t mind– I used to be watching it too.  I don’t mind now that I don’t watch it as it seems to be the only thing they ever watch.

I caught a cold today.  Work gave it to me, I think.  Stupid cold.  I came home and sucked back on my asthma inhaler to try and prevent that whole debacle.  The asthma debacle, I mean.  Also an indication that I am sick:  I had tea with caffeine in it to try and stay awake at work, and then had a nap when I got home.  Caffeine and sleep aren’t normally compatable in my body.  Although I do seem to be pretty awake and keen to go now, and it’s pretty late.

For some reason I’m not computing words when they are written vertical.  Or numbers either.  I was just now sure that my music playlist was out of order, listing “1,2,3” but that’s a pretty routine sequence, wouldn’t you say.  Another example, in letters, is the word “church” that is written on a building near my work in great, big, letters.  I looked up at this the other day and my brain thought it was a loopy, decorative maze or something.  A second later I could see the letters again, but it was wacky not seeing them for a second.  (P.S. The word “church” is on an actual church, if you were wondering).

Also today I got a funny look for describing the big painting on the side of a building (another building, not the church) as a “mural”.  But that’s what paintings are called when they’re huge and on the sides of buildings, right?  I am obviously pretentious, not just aware of the correct words for things.

I came up with a mildly clever transition today, joining two previously seperate stories.  At least I hope it’s clever.  When transitions aren’t clever they read like the woogly-woogly lines in “Wayne’s World”.  And the more I read, and the more I try to write transitions, the more I see the woogly-woogly effect.