I have the song “Inside Out” by Eve 6 in my head. This is the first song that played this morning after the news on the radio that woke me up at 6:28. I was annoyed to hear it, as it is an annoying song, and I am annoyed that it is in my head right now, and that I know all the words. I can’t say I hate the band Eve 6, however, as they were named after a character in an episode of the X-Files. I didn’t have to look at Wikipedia to tell you that, but if you don’t believe me, it’s all there for you to see.

Naomi invited me to move to Burnaby with her in 2 years to pursue school (her – SFU, me – TBD). Both Naomi and I are fond of making such plans, but they don’t usually coincide.

Spring time is coming! And that means one thing: I have to scrub my deck. It’s grrrooooooooosss! I looked at it last fall and decided I would put cleaning it on my list of things to accomplish in the spring. I didn’t write it down or anything, but somehow, unfortunately, I have remembered. I won’t do it today though because it’s not spring yet, and also I don’t want to.